26 Mar 2017

Welcome to the official donations page! Here you can donate to get all sorts of cool and fun perks to use in-game! Feel free to speak to an admin at any time if you have any issu... Read more
By Krat0z | voltageservers.lua

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Top donators

Name Amount
Justin 25 USD
┬°Cuck E Cheese 5 USD
crunk 4.25 USD

Recent donators

Name Package Amount Timestamp
crunk Permanent Vape 4.25 USD 2017-04-22 00:11:01
Justin Permanent VIP+ 25 USD 2017-04-20 22:49:26
┬°Cuck E Cheese Permanent Vape 5 USD 2017-04-07 16:44:10

Looking to help out the community a bit?

Donate to receive all sorts of unique perks whilst helping the community grow at the same time!

Where do a majority of our donations go?

Most of our donations go towards building a better community for you guys and keeping our servers up and running so you can continue having fun!

What are some other ways I can donate?

Currently donations are limited to our payment wall but if you wish to donate TF2 or CS:GO items rather than using the payment wall then create a forum post under 'Donations' and wait for a higher up to respond.